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Eikyu Tsuho

Specializing in Japanese Cast and Struck Coinage

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About Me
I run a coin business called Eikyu Tsuho (pronounced a-q-soo-ho), located in Issaquah, Washington, to buy and sell Japanese cast and struck (mainly Meiji and Taisho, and some early Showa) coinage. I also blog to inform people about the fascinating world of Japanese coins. See my blog at or by clicking on the Blog link in the navigation bar, and see the section below on How to Browse The Inventory. Lots are also sold weekly on my eBay page,

Recent Additions & Blog Posts

Warning! Certain coins listed as available may be sold. I am redesigning the inventory search system, so I have not updated the old system in a few weeks. Subscribe to the email list and I will send you an update when the new system is complete (should be sometime in December 2019).

Books and Useful References
I have added a page on recommended books and articles. See

How to Browse The Coins for Sale
See my Japanese Coins for Sale page here or by clicking on the Coins for Sale link in the navigation bar for a list of links. Each link is a different denomination, and the links are organized by country and then increasing denomination. Each one of these links points to a separate page on which my coin listings are organized by date. Note: some of the coins have reflections on their edges which may look like rim nicks even though they do not have them; if the coin does have rim nicks, I will note it in the notes section.

All coins are problem free (in the case of cast coins, this means no holes, cracks, large bends, etc.; for struck coins this means not cleaned, no rim nicks, etc.) unless stated otherwise in the Notes section.

My prices are negotiable; the larger the amount of coins you would like to order, the more of a discount I can offer; see the How to Order Coins section for details on how to make offers.

Note: I am currently adding coins, so please check back often.

How to Order Coins
After you have decided which coins you would like to purchase, you will need to submit an order via my Order form. To do this, click on this link to the Order page, or click on the Order link in the navigation bar. Next, fill out the form as instructed, typing the Inventory Numbers of each of the items you want. If you want to make an offer on any of the coins/lots, just put your offer price after the inventory number, and I will review it and get back to you. Finally, select a shipping option and press Submit. I will then email you a Paypal invoice and answer any questions as soon as I can.

See my eBay page here for reviews.

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