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How to Tell Apart New (Shin) and Old (Ko) 1 Mon

Old (Ko) 1 Mon

New (Shin) 1 Mon

    Japanese Kanei Tsuho 1 mon coins can be divided into two major categories: old (ko, 古, in Japanese) and new (shin, 新, in Japanese)

The old 1 mon coins were minted from 1636-1668 (although the some private issues were as early as 1626) and can be very difficult to identify into varieties. The new 1 mon coins were minted from 1668-1867 and have much more varied calligraphy and are easier to identify.

These two major varieties are distinguished by the legs of the Ho (寳) character (see the pictures above - the legs are outlined in red).

In the case of the old 1 mon, the legs meet at the far right. Additionally, the old 1 mon tend to have "thicker" characters.

With the new 1 mon, the legs usually do not meet at all (sometimes, however, they may meet in the middle, but they are still easy to tell apart from old 1 mon)