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A Brief History of the Coinage of Japan
Japan's first coin was created in 683. This coin was known as Fuhon-sen, and was only discovered in 1998 during an archaeological survey in the Asukaike Ruins.

Next, Japan used the twelve antique coins, which started with the Wado Kaichin and ended with the Kengen Taiho. These coins were in circulation from the 700s to the early 900s.

Finally, Japan moved off of conventional coins until the start of the Edo period in 1601, when the Kanei Tsuho was launched. This new set of coins included the 1, 4, 10 and 100 mon coins. This coins stayed in circulation until the Meiji Reforms in 1868.

After 1868, Japan moved to milled coinage, which has been their currency ever since.