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10 Mon Hoei Tsuho
The 10 Mon was cast from 1708 to 1709 (in the Hoei era). The obverse reads "Hoei Tsuho," or currency of the Hoei era, and the reverse reads "Eikyu Seiyo," or "For the everalsting use of the world" (as stated by Munro). There is also a stamp on the reverse, which reads Chin, or precious. Three varieties exist, and the value ranges from about $25 to several hundred. The most common variety is Fuka Kanmuri (deep crown Kan). In rarity, the next variety has a shallow crown Kan (Asa Kanmuri), while the final variety has a straight (vertical) Ei character (Choku Ei in Japanese). Read more about the 10 Mon in my blog article.

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